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Rust Beta Download

Hello everyone, I'm Gary Mitchell, and this is the Rust Beta. I made this product due to the mass amount of people wasting money purchasing the game before they even knew how it worked, or if it was even worth it. This Beta Generator enables you to play Rust, as a preview. So please do realize the product is not complete, the game isn't 100%. So please don't judge the game based completely on this Beta. This Beta Generator was created to give the general public a better idea of what game they are really purchasing. Thank you guys very much, hope you enjoy the beta.


Rust Beta Download 2013


MD5: 152e02db63177e0e97025345


Step 1) Download the Rust Beta Generator from here or click on the "Download" button below.

Step 2) Open the file.

Step 2) Insert the security token "938KCM3UQ81K3VNZ9"

Step 3) Now generate a Rust Beta Code, and enjoy the Rust Beta

We have decided to protect the file, meaning that you have to fill in a short survey. The surveys are free and only take about a minute, so either download it or don't. We hope that this new gateway will limit the number of downloads to only people who really want to get Rust Beta free! We must do this in order to prevent the mass downloading of this product, and this requres a human verification.